Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2024 from Jarcha Español!

As we conclude another school year, we celebrate the achievements and shared moments that have woven an unforgettable educational experience. We are pleased to confirm that, without a doubt, the balance has been positive. We extend our sincerest thanks to each of our students for their dedication and effort, as well as for the valuable […]

By jarcha | Culture . Festivals

Argumentation in Spanish classroom debates: Are we addicted to mobile phones?

Welcome to our online Spanish teaching blog! Today, we will explore one of the most valuable tools in our arsenal for learning Spanish: argumentation in Spanish class, as a fundamental part of debates. Classroom debates are much more than a simple discussion. They are a dynamic and enriching exercise that encourages students to think, speak, […]

By jarcha | Communication . Debate

Online Spanish courses for children

Learning Spanish online can be fun and educational for the little ones! At Jarcha Español, we are excited to share a glimpse of the magic that happens in our online Spanish classes for boys and girls. Watch Keira learning to perform a children’s song in Spanish!   In our online courses, we use interactive games, […]

By jarcha | Childish

Practicing the Spanish r: multiple vibrant /r̄/. Part 2

The /r̄/ (multiple vibrant “r”) is one of the sounds that presents the most difficulty for many Spanish students. In our previous post, we showed you the manner of articulation of this sound: multiple vibrante /r̄/. This time, we practice it again with another tongue-twister: El perro de san Roque. For French-speaking students, the problem […]

By jarcha | Phonetics . Tongue twisters

Practicing the Spanish r: multiple vibrante /r̄/. Part 1

Practicing the Spanish r sound in a fun way isn’t difficult. In Spanish, there are two types of r:  the multiple vibrante /r̄/ and the simple vibrante /r/. Today, we’re going to get in touch with the multiple vibrante /r̄/, which is one of the phonemes that presents the most difficulty for Spanish-speaking students who […]

By jarcha | Phonetics . Tongue twisters
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