In-person Spanish classes for groups in Vigo (Galicia). Spanish teaching for students residing in Vigo, whether temporarily or permanently.

Classes available year-round

Participant Profile

  • Non-Spanish speakers residing in Vigo who wish to enhance their Spanish language proficiency to enrich their daily experience.
  • Non-Spanish speakers temporarily visiting this city for work, academic, or tourism purposes and want to add a linguistic component to their stay.
  • Students on school trips (language camps, exchanges, and end-of-year trips) with the aim of improving their Spanish language skills practically and participatively in an educational and cultural context. The program is designed in line with the school curriculum of each center.
  • Athletes and multidisciplinary teams, to optimize their communication in Spanish-speaking environments related to sports activities: training, practices, concentrations, participation in competitions, friendly matches, cultural immersion, or sports exchange programs.
  • Members of cultural associations interested in exploring local culture and the Spanish language more profoundly during their stay in Vigo.
  • Business teams looking to strengthen communication in Spanish within the realm of work relationships or expand their language skills in a corporate context.
A quiénes nos dirigimos

Personalized Methodology

The didactic program is tailored to the educational objectives and the duration of the stay. We provide flexible lesson planning compatible with group schedules and constant, personalized support for each student.

Integrated Experience

Our personalized classes allow students to blend on-site Spanish learning with the principal purpose of their stay in Vigo. This simultaneous immersion provides them the opportunity to develop basic skills for the immediate use of Spanish in everyday situations (beginner level) or delve into more complex and theoretical linguistic concepts (intermediate and advanced levels).


Our educational approach provides a practical experience that significantly enriches the quality of the stay. By incorporating linguistic, social, and cultural elements into the forefront of training, we offer participants the chance to fully integrate the Spanish language and local idiosyncrasies during their stay in Vigo.


Customized Design for a Unique Experience

At Jarcha Español, we recognize the uniqueness of each experience and understand that educational needs vary. Therefore, we offer the opportunity to design a fully customized course specifically tailored to the characteristics and objectives of your group. Whether it’s a more intensive focus on language skills, a deeper cultural program, or any other specific requirement, we are here to create the ideal learning experience for you.

Contact us to discuss your needs and design the perfect course for your group in Vigo!