Online Spanish classes for all needs

In Jarcha Español we offer, throughout the year, for individuals and companies online Spanish courses, tailored to the needs of our students, to learn and perfect a language that is currently considered the most necessary foreign language in all areas.

Spreading and its culture contributes to countering global problems such as intolerance, supremacism or identity chimeras that consider diversity as a threat.

Luis García Montero, director of the Cervantes Institute.

Courses for individuals

We offer you the possibility to choose among our different proposals the one that best suits your learning preferences: individual classes, group, combined or complete courses. Whatever your age or situation, in Jarcha Español you will find online Spanish teaching that will fit you like a glove.

From the comfort of your home or in the place you prefer ─because you only need to have an Internet connection and a computer device─, and with total flexibility of schedules, we put at your disposal the best native teachers to adjust to your preferences, that you can develop your language skills and enjoy hispanic cultural diversity.  And all this with the experience and professionalism of a native teaching team.

Business courses

According to data from the report El español: una lengua viva, by the Instituto Cervantes, «Spanish is among the top five languages in the world in number of speakers, in number of countries where it is official and in geographical extension».

The worldwide relevance of Spanish explains why we can talk about its indisputable value as a global business instrument. If sharing the same language can double bilateral exchanges between countries, in the Spanish-speaking world that figure quadruples with Spanish.


Factors such as their homogeneity, the geographical proximity of Spanish-speaking countries, the fact that its use is usually located in territories geographically close to each other or its status as an official and vehicular language in 21 countries make this expanding language a language of international culture. 

If these arguments convince you and you want your organization to join the engine of internationalization, in Jarcha Español we offer online courses to communicate in Spanish in your daily professional activities, both in commercial management and in the interaction with customers, as addressing them in their native language eliminates the barriers of expression and strengthens the relationship of trust, so important in the loyalty process.

Whatever the sector or size of your company, we are committed to meeting the individual needs of our students. At any time of the year, with the comfort and flexibility of the online teaching of Jarcha Español.

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