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Jarcha Español is much more than a Spanish school: it is a space for learning and meeting with the Spanish language and culture. Our name pays tribute to the jarchas, the first literary manifestations in the Romance language in Spain, a symbol of the multicultural identity of our country and the philosophy of our teaching system.

Jarcha Español thus establishes itself as a center for teaching Spanish where learning goes beyond the language.

At Jarcha Español, we adjust to the academic needs and goals of students with a dual approach:

  • Online modality (individual or group): allows self-management of learning according to their availability and provides them with a comfortable and flexible educational experience.
  • In-person modality (oriented to groups): with didactic programming and personalized extracurricular activities, which promote meaningful learning and personal development, in addition to encouraging interaction with the environment and among participants.

Ana Ghersi Fenor

Qué es Jarcha Español
Ana Ghersi Fenor

She is the voice behind Jarcha Español. A philologist and passionate teacher of Spanish Language and Literature, as well as Spanish as a Foreign Language, she has led Jarcha Español since 2021.

Her love for literature led her to found the Asociación de Escritores de Vigo Haberlos, haylos, in 2017, where she provides training and writing workshops, in addition to being the author of stories, micro-stories, and a novel.

Our experience

At Jarcha Español, we dedicate ourselves to the comprehensive teaching of the Spanish language, attending to students of all ages and profiles. In 2020, the pandemic prompted us to expand into online training, a transition that allowed us to grow and expand our educational offerings.

Currently, we complete our virtual classes, accessible from anywhere in the world, with linguistic immersion courses and in-person sessions for groups, which facilitate access to in situ learning of the language and immersion in the social and cultural aspects of life in Spain. Guided by experts in various disciplines, our students approach the essence of a country known for its historic cultural diversity.

Vigo: our home and source of inspiration

We carry out our activity in Vigo, the largest city in Galicia, on the shores of the Atlantic. Known for its impressive port, one of the most outstanding in the world, Vigo is a nerve center of the naval, fishing, and canning industry that reflects the dynamism and innovative spirit that we also seek to transmit in our teaching.

Our mission

To provide quality training, adapted to the educational goals of our students, that enhances their personal and professional development and opens paths to new forms of leisure and cultural tourism.

Our vision

To become a benchmark in Spanish teaching, integrating online and face-to-face educational experiences, so that our students not only master the language but also actively engage in Spanish life and culture.

We aspire to be a leading institution in our sector that, through innovation and educational excellence, trains global citizens prepared to communicate securely and act with tolerance and justice in an interconnected world.

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Qué es Jarcha Español

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