Jarcha Español

Jarcha is the word we chose to name our space: Jarcha Español, referring to the traditional song in Mozarabic language with which the educated poets of Al Andalus, Arabs and Hebrews, closed other longer compositions called moaxajas.

Jarchas symbolize, from the linguistic and literary point of view, the multiculturalism existing in Spain during the eight centuries of Islamic presence, and are considered the first manifestation of Spanish literature.

For this reason, an online platform specialized in communication and training in Spanish, where we could combine the cultural diversity of our country with the Spanish language as a vehicle, could not be called otherwise.

Spanish students, friends of letters and lovers of the history of a country crossroads of civilizations be welcome to Jarcha Español.

Ana Ghersi Fenor

She directs and coordinates Jarcha Español. Early bibliophile because of her father, and with an innate predisposition to fantasize, could never resist the «call of the stories that sought her to be told».

Qué es Jarcha Español
Ana Ghersi Fenor

Philologist, teacher of Spanish Language and Literature,  Spanish as a Foreign Language (another of her great passions is teaching) and literary corrector, from 2017 she joins the experience of online teaching.

As a writer she is the author of several short stories and micro-stories, she has participated in literary anthologies such as Ópera de Sueños (published in Amazon) and Sinergia: una antología literaria a dieciocho manos (first self-publication of the Asociación de Escritores de Vigo Haberlos, haylos) and Los cincuenta cardenales de Gambetta is her first novel.

She is president and co-founder of the Asociación de Escritores de Vigo Haberlos, haylos, where she teaches training for newsreaders and different workshops and courses in Writing.

Our experience

We are teachers of vocation with a long professional career in face-to-face and online teaching of the Spanish language for:

  • students from kindergarten to university
  • newsreaders
  • immigrants and refugees
  • non-English speaking professionals displaced to Spain
  • university students in Spanish

But we also confessed addicts to writing, which prompted us to create the Asociación de Escritores de Vigo Haberlos, haylos, in 2017, with the main objective of promoting written production in the city of Vigo and serving as a meeting point for novel authors in our city, through gatherings, presentations and participations in differents literary events, where literature shares prominence with other artistic manifestations such as music, dance and dramatic arts. And as we do not forget that writing is a continuous process of learning and overcoming,  we also have interesting courses and workshops on expression and literary creation.

Where do we do our activity?

In Vigo, the largest city in Galicia. On the shores of the Atlantic, it has one of the best ports in the world and an important fishing and canning industry.

Our mission

Provide personalized quality training that achieves the desired academic results, using the comfort and technological advances of the online system.

Our vision

Achieve the reconciliation of the school, work and family life of our students with an online teaching methodology that allows them to self-manage their learning according to their pace of life and hourly availability, without geographical distance being an obstacle.

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Qué es Jarcha Español

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